CNC ATC-Router

Furniture: Wooden door, cabinet, panel furniture, office furniture, furniture door and window.
Wood products: Speakercases, game cabinet, computer desk.
Decoration industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, organic glass etc.

  • Use of SYNTEC control system, fully automated production as well as optimization of grooving, cutting and drilling

  • Taiwan HIWIN precise linear lead rail
  • Schneider electrical components
  • Carousel type Tool changes with 12 tools in the magazine for rapidly automatic changing
  • Vacuum worktable for quickly work pieces in- and out feed
  • Lubricating center automatically applying lubricant regularly to every moving mechanism; guarantee movement normally smoothly and precisely


Model NN7084DS
Working Area(X/ Y/ Z axis) 1260× 2460× 180 mm
Machine Body The bed lathe is made of thick square weld steel, which ensures a more stable working table.
Worktable Vacuum worktable
Spindle motor

9kw Air-cooling ATC Router Spindle

Driving motor

1.3kw Servo Motor (X/Y/Z axis)

Vacuum pump motor


ATC 12 tools
Max. Speed 80 m/min
Max. Cutting Speed 20-30 m/min
Control System Taiwan SYNTEC
Guide way Taiwan linear rail for X/ Y/ Z axis
Transmission Helical gear rack and pinion drive for X/Y- axis, Screw drive for Z- axis
Working precision ±0.05mm
Feature Vacuum worktable can do quick workpieces feed in and feed out.

3200x2000x1800 mm

Voltage 380V,50HZ
Run command G code

Vacuum cutting table


Z-Axis Detail


9kw Air - cooling Spindle


Router spindle with ATC system


Electric connection inside control panel


Control panel with touch screen