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Silica Aerogel Ceramic Fiber Blanket--SACT-0-X

Silica aerogel ceramic fiber blanket is produced by compounding Silica aerogel and ceramic fiber blanket. Its thermal conductivity coefficient is less than 0.02W/mk at room temperature. This product can be used under high temperature to meet different heat insulation requirements. So, it’s widely used on pipes, tanks and furnaces etc. at a temperature of above 600°C.

Silica Aerogel Fiberglass Blanket--SACB-0-X

Silica aerogel fiberglass blanket is one featured product of our company. It’s produced by compounding silica aerogel and fiberglass blanket together. It boasts excellent thermal insulation property, surface hydrophobicity and flame-retardant property (Grade A1). Its thermal conductivity coefficient is about 0.016W/mk at room temperature, even lower than still air. Its hydrophobic rate can reach 99% at room temperature. Because of its wide working temperature range (-200~650°C), it could be used on pipelines, tanks, furnaces, buildings, etc. Its installation is very easy and convenient, which will save you training cost and construction time.









Permitted useful temperature range(°C)






Linear expansivity


Dimensional stability(max)

1%, Test method GB/T 8811-2008

Compressive property(min), kpa, @10%

60, Test method GB/T 8811-2008

(min), kpa, @25%

120, Test method GB/T 13480-2014

Burning behavior

(A1), Test method GB/T 20285-2006

The smoke performance level

SR-2, Test Method GB/T 20285-2006

Drip content level

ST-2, Test method GB/T 20285-2006

Smoke toxicity of the FED's value, (max)

0.1, Test method GB/T 20285-2006

Corrosion resistance

                                                        pass                                     Test method GB/T 3810.1-2006

Hydrophobicity, (%)                                                       >99.8                                  Test method GB/T 10299-2011
Tensile strength(min),(kpa)Fiberglass composite:                  100                          Test method GB/T 17911-2011
Ceramic fiber composite:             80

Remarks: Silica aerogel fiberglass and ceramic fiber technical parameters


Silica Aerogel Paper (Panel)

Size0.4mm~30mm Length≤1m, Thickness 0.4mm~30mm
Thermal Conductivity≤ 0.02w/mk
Density≤ 300Kg/m³

Remarks: Silica aerogel paper (Panel) technical parameters

Silica Aerogel Carbon Fiber Blanket--SACT-0-X

Carbon Fiber Silica Aerogel Insulation Blanket / Paper is a product easy to handle, store and install. It shows excellent thermal insulation performance and is packed in a standard roll size and product form, which significantly reduces dust treatment work and simplifies installation and cleaning procedures. Joda carbon fiber silica aerogel blanket is an ideal insulation material for pipes, containers, tanks and machineries, especially in the insulation of engine and precision instrument.

Thickness, mm2
Width, mm1400
Density, kg/m³270±20
Applied Temperature Range, °C-60~450
Thermal Conductivity (25°C), w/mk≤0.02
Burning BehaviorA1Test Standard GB/T 20285-2006
Corrosion ResistancePassTest Standard GB/T 3810.1-2006
Hydrophobicity, %>99.8%Test Standard GB/T 10299-2011

Remarks: Silica aerogel carbon fiber technical parameters

Silica Aerogel Powder (Particles)

ItemsSilica Aerogel PowderSilica Aerogel Particles
Particle Size0.5~1mm1~5mm
Specific Surface Area800~960m²/g600~800m²/g
Surface PropertyHydrophobic / HydrophilicHydrophobic / Hydrophilic

Remarks: Silica aerogel Powder (Particles) technical parameters


● Silica Aerogel Fiberglass Blanket--SACB-0-X

● Silica Aerogel Ceramic Fiber Blanket--SACT-0-X

● Silica Aerogel Carbon Fiber Blanket--SACT-0-X

● Silica Aerogel Blanket with Aluminum Foil

● Silica Aerogel Blanket with Fiber Cloth

● Silica Aerogel Paper (Panel)

● Silica Aerogel Powder (Particles)