ATC CNC Router NTSD1325S

  • Furniture: Plate-type furniture, wood furniture, office furniture, cabinet, wood doors and windows
  • Wood: Musical instruments, speakers, game cabinets, computer desk, electrical counter top
  • Panel processing: Insulation, plastic parts, PCB, balling track, inner body of car, Resistance special plate, epoxy resin, ABS,PP,PE and other carbide mixed compounds
  • Decoration industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, organic glass, plastic, soft metal such as copper and aluminum plate engraving processing

  • Carousel ATC with 8 pcs Tools.12 Tools for optional
  • To complete complex tasks of multiple head Industrial control system, continuous carving during power failure and break point and speed control with the easy one button operation, high efficient, it can compatible with Type3, Artcam, ARTCUT, JD Paint etc. CAM software from home and abroad
  • We adopt imported new anti-environment type servo motor and driver, with fast speed, high precision and shock resistance. Besides the protection class of servo motor is IP65.It can be used in Harsh environment safely

Working Area (XYZ axis)1220 x 2440 x 200 mm
Body structureHeavy duty body structure
Table structureVacuum table
Guide rail30 mm Taiwan PMI square rail
Driving methodGerman Herion helical gear rack transmission
Transmission typeX, Y axis rack and pinion, Z axis TPI ball screw
Vacuum pump7.5 kW Becker vacuum pump
Motors and drivers0.75 kW Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Japan Yaskawa servo driver
ReducerJapan Shimpo reducer (VRSF-5.10C-750-LM)
Spindle power9.0 kW Italy HSD air cooling spindle, ISO 30 tool holders
Spindle speed0 - 24000 rpm
Max. air move speed75 m/min
Max. working speed25 m/min
Machining accuracy< 0.1 mm
Automatic tool change p.8 Tools
Tool capacityCircle servo tool capacity with reducer and servo motor
Inverter11 kW Delta inverter (VFD110B23A)
Control systemTaiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system
Compatible softwareType3/ Artcam/ Cast mate/ Corel draw/ Auto CAD and other CAM/ CAD software
Command codeG- Code
Cabling/ relays/ switchesCable with shielded wires labeled, Schneider switch and electric parts
Auto lubrication systemAutomatic
Tool sensorYes
Mist cooling systemYes
All components are groundedYes



9.0 kW Italy HSD air cooling spindle


Taiwan PMI 30 mm square rail and helical gear rack transmission


0.75 kW Japan Yaskawa servo motor


0.75 kW Japan Yaskawa driver


Ucancam software


Japan Shimpo reducer


Vacuum suction table with T-slot


PISO 30 tool hoolders, 8 tools


Automatic lubrication system and water separator


Control box pic


Cable driver with block


Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system


Tool collet


France Schneider electric switch


Omron limit sensor