• Use of SYNTEC control system, fully automatic production from grooving, cutting
  • Taiwan HIWIN precise linear lead rail
  • Schneider components
  • Tool blade store with 12 piece blade tool, which can be changed automatically
  • Vacuum worktable can do quick work pieces feed in and feed out
  • Lubricating center can automatically apply lubricant regularly to every moving mechanism; guarantee movement normally smoothly and precisely

Working Area (X, Y, Z axis)1220 mm × 2440 mm × 180 mm
WorktableVacuum worktable
Spindle motor9 kW Air-cooling spindle
Driving motor1.3 kW x 3, servo motor
Vacuum pump motor7.5 kW air vacuum pump
Blade store12 blade tools
Max. speed75 m/min
Max. cutting speed20 m/min
Control systemTaiwan SYNTEC
Guide wayTaiwan linear rail for X, Y, Z axis
TransmissionHelical gear rack for X Y-axis, Screw for Z-axis
Working precision±0.05 mm
FeatureVacuum worktable can do quick work pieces feed in and feed out
Dimension (L x W x H)3200 x 2000 x 1800 mm

Router spindle with ATC system


Cutting Sample


Cutting Sample


The bed is made of heavy-duty machining center, and the frame beam is annealed to ensure stable and non-deformation, stable and efficient operation and high precision


Mouse and keyboard operation Convenient and easy to learn High precision High stability. The operator can be employed with simple training without technicians. The machine moves quickly and efficiently


The precision automatic oil filling system adopts automatic lubrication pump, automatic oil filling at regular intervals, automatic maintenance of the running system of the slider and track of the equipment, debugging oil circuit design, ensuring the supply of lubricating oil for each injection point, and prolonging the service life of the equipment


Heavy duty servo motor High inertia High torque High resolution High precision transmission, high response, effective overload 300%


The main electrical appliances adopt Schneider brand, anti-strong interference, energy saving and environmental protection, ensuring high stability of equipment


High-precision automatic tool change spindle, fast tool change speed, no heat, can be installed with a variety of chucks, can quickly complete three-in-one hole, two-in-one hole, hinge hole. Maintenance is simple


7.5 kW air vacuum pump, effectively guarantee the cutting speed


TAIWAN SYNTEC Control System


Construction of front push device is firm, with automatic vacuum cleaner to effectively clean dust on the worktable


Vacuum 6 zone adsorption table surface is delicate and uniform, and it is perfect to solve the running board problem with 7.5 kW vacuum pump


High-precision 30-rail imported wedge-shaped rack Heavy-duty bed Finished finish Large specifications, large contact surface, strong load carrying capacity, better stability during high-speed machining. All the large milling machines on the rail mounting surface are flattened, CNC punched, and high precision


Thousand-grading high-precision tool setting instrument with repeatability of 0.002 mm, IP68 protection level, 3 million contact life, 304 stainless steel cable protection hose, and air blowing device to ensure accuracy



With Lifting table, automatic vacuum loading and feed out system


Expand to 3000x2100 mm working table


• Add fixed linear tool store(8tools)
• X, Y axis changes to ball screw
• Add one more drilling spindle(9 vertical drilling heads) Italy HSD brand


• 9 Add one more spindle(7 vertical drilling heads+2 horizontal drilling heads) Italy HSD brand. HSD brand production time 13week
• 10 Add one more spindle(9 vertical drilling heads+2 horizontal drilling heads+2saws) Italy HSD brand. HSD brand production time 13week



• HAIXUN Software Grooving
• HAIXUN Software Cutting and drilling