Automatic CNC Beam Saw NTSS270/ 320

CNC Panel Saw is the full automatic cutting equipment that can provide the complete solutions of panel cutting for custom furniture manufacturing. Adopting 19" LED screen and PC computer control system, machine can be connected with variety brands of production data software to input the production data directly. Highly raising the production efficiency and reducing the daily production costs for the factories

  • Adopts European Technical design for high precision and high efficiency production
  • Adopts 19" LED screen with Windows PC computer system control interface. Remove control can be achieved
  • Saw carriage adopts high strength gears for ensuring a rapid and stable sawing process. Independent motor driven for both main and groove saw, highly raise the sawing capacity. Saw carriage driven by servo motor which is able to offer a high speed and accurate sawing
  • Adopts new designed grippers in order to offer a strong gripping and feeding strength with capable minimum sawing thickness of 45 mm. Working table made by chromed steel plate with high strength and good wearing resistance
  • Adopts air floatation table which is driven by 4 kw air pump. Effectively reduce the friction between work- pieces and table
  • Infrared safety protection device is installed in the front end of saw carriage which is to avoid the workers being cut during taking out the work- pieces. Safety protection can be ensured

ModelNTSS270/ 320
Control systemTaiwan Delta PLC
Motor2 kW Delta servo motor
Max. work area (L x W)2700 x 3100 mm / 3200 x 3100 mm
Main saw power15 kW
Scoring saw power2.2 kW
Saw carriage motor power2 kW
Feeding servo motor power2 kW
Total power consumption- 28 kW
Max. cutting thickness100 mm
Diameter of main saw + shaft sizeΦ350 - 450 mm / 75 mm
Diameter of scoring saw + shaft sizeΦ200 mm / 50 mm
Max. cutting speed0 - 100 m/min
Max. back speed0 - 120 m/min
Min. loading width / gripper45 mm
Min. loading length / gripper34 mm
Working air pressure0.6 - 0.8 MPa
Machine weightAbout 5000 / 5110 kg
Machine size (L x W x H)5160 x 6000 x 1890 mm

5560 x 6398 x 1906 mm

NTSS270 320-B2

The control system adopts Delta PLC touch screen, which is easy to learn, safe and reliable in operation, and can be connected to a variety of sawing software

NTSS270 320-B3

The countertop uses a pneumatic floating bead to effectively prevent the sheet from being scratched and the sheet moving more conveniently

NTSS270 320-B4

The main and auxiliary saws adopt independent lifting control system, which can realize automatic positioning of sawing stroke according to different sawing height and width, and improve work efficiency

NTSS270 320-B5

Side- by- side dual intelligent mode, automatic switching

NTSS270 320-B6

Flexible clamping double finger structure for minimum splint 34 x 45 mm