Automatic Edge Banding Machine NTSD368D

Automatic/Semi Automatic Edge Bander

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Gluing - End Trimming - Rough Trimming - Fine Trimming - Corner Trimming - Scraping - Buffing

The machine is applying to solid board, fiberboard, shaving boards, etc of straight line edge banding, usable edge banding material solid wood, PVC, melamine, thin veneer, etc.

Edge material thickness0.4 - 3 mm
Work piece thickness9 - 60 mm
Min. width of product150 mm
Min. length of product150 mm
Glue heater unit3 kW
Conveyor belt3.7 kW
Rubber roller power1.5 kW
Gluing0.37 kW (1:10 reducer)
End trimming0.37 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Rough trimming0.75 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Fine trimming0.75 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Corner trimming0.37 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Scraping0.37 kW (1:60 reducer)
Buffing0.37 kW x 2, 2840 rpm
Feeding speed20 m/min
Working pressure0.7 Mpa
Total power12.6 kW
Outline size (L x W x H)5760 x 1560 x 900 mm
Net weightAbout 2000 kg