Automatic Spraying Machine for Door NTSPD2500B

Spraying Machines

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  • This spraying machine has applied for state patent. It has such advantages convenient, fastness and highly automated. This machine is the ideal choice to transfer manual task to automatic production
  • This machine can use with other spraying equipment (spraying booth, spraying room, water spraying booth etc). It can lead you a high quality production with low cost. It can substitute 6 specialized workers at least

  • Equipped with chained transportation, no transport belt, no cleaning. It can save extra expenses of paint thinner and cleaner and protect the painting film effectively
  • Special reversal system can easily reach double spraying and raise productivity. Daily output: 300 pcs
  • PLC touch screen control system, easy to understand, can realize the working state at any moment
  • Servo motor drive exactness, with high-speed reciprocate, to get even spraying
  • To- and -from system can adjust the speed automatically to adapt different work pieces
  • Sensor can control gun switch and journey according to the dimension of work piece, it can save 30% paint than people
  • Closed painting room design, can build a clean environment, and improve the spraying quality of work piece
  • The strong exhaust system, can make the paint fog out of the spraying room through filter, which reach the environment requirement
  • Adopt UV, PE, PU and water paint
  • Suitable to paint panel furniture, door, glass and stainless steel

Max. spraying size2500 x 1200 x 60 mm
Max. weight of door70 kg
Feeding speed0 - 8 m/min
Gun reciprocate speed0 - 100 m/min
Working pressure0.5 - 0.8 Mpa
Total power6.4 kW
Machine dimensions (L x W x H)5660 x 4500 x 2580 mm
Weight1600 kg

PS: This quotation is not include spraying pump and spraying gun. Max can install 6 spraying guns and 2 pumps. If want order spraying pump or spraying gun, please inform quantity.