Automatic Spraying Machine NTSPM600/1300

Spraying Machines

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Automatic Spraying Machine is for surface and side paint of furniture panels, doors, cabinet doors etc. Suitable for PU, PE, UV, NC, and Water Paint etc.

  • Transport system
    • The main steel structure adopts bending and jointing of cool roll steel plates
    • The transport belt is made of PU material, with high abrasion and chemical eroding resistant. The belt is with guiding strip to ensure it not be off track. Spraying conveyor and unloading conveyor are belt type. The loading conveyor is roller type
    • The newest designed transport belt cleaning system can keep the belt clean and tidy better and ensure the equipment continue working. At the same time it also reduces the maintaining cost and makes the max. Usage of the paint, especially for the reclaimed paint, such as UV
    • The paint has been removed from the belt is conveyed automatically into vessel and some kinds of paint can be reused by this reclaim system and cleaning system
  • Spraying system
    • Reciprocators adopt OMRON control system. The max. speed can reach 100 m/min. there are 2 reciprocators of each machine. Every reciprocator max equips 4 spraying guns and a relevant material-supply pump
    • Spraying gun is Japanese IWATA brand (Model WA101)
    • The grating scanner at the entrance can measure the width of work piece to make the stroke of guns and turn on/off time more exact. And at the same time the waste is reduced
    • The spraying parameter is set by the operator on the touch screen
    • Using PLC control system makes it a simple and intuitive instrument to use
    • Air cycle system
    • Double filtering of the inlet air and closed spraying room make the air cleaner in the spraying room
    • Air-press blower is installed at the side of the machine to keep the paint reek within limits, and easy to change and maintenance
    • The blower with large horse power is installed at the exit to fasten the paint reek flow in the painting room and reduce it staying time in the room

Max. working width1300 mm600 mm
Max. working thickness50 mm100 mm
Max. Feeding speed5.2 m/min5.2 m/min
Spraying gun number4pcs (Max. can install 8 pc)4pcs (Max. can install 8 pc)
Air pressure0.5 - 0.8 Mpa0.5 - 0.8 Mpa
Total power14.5 kW10 kW
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)4800 x 6700 x 2500 mm4800 x 3800 x 2500 mm
Weight2000 kg1500 kg

PS: This quotation is with 4 pieces spraying guns and 1 set paint pump. The machine can max. install 8 pieces guns.

NTSPM600 1300-B2

Transport system

NTSPM600 1300-B3

NTSPM600 1300-B4

Spraying system

NTSPM600 1300-B5

NTSPM600 1300-B6

NTSPM600 1300-B7

Spraying system

NTSPM600 1300-B8

Samples of after finishing paint