Ball Screw Double(24 Tools) Servo Automatic Router Center NTSD1325X

Cabinets, wardrobe door panels, interior wooden doors, etc. Function: professional cabinet door, wooden door processing, high precision angle, cutting, milling, hollowing, grooving, etc.

Model NTSD1325X
EffectiveX1300 mm
Y2500 mm
Z200 mm
TransmissionX axis TBI - 5050 ball screw

Y axis TBI - 4040 ball screw

Z axis TBI - 3210 ball screw

Square railTaiwan PMI 30 square rail
Inverter11 kW sunfar inverter
Drive systemBus 1.3 kW Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver
Operate systemTaiwan SYNTEC control system
SoftwareIntelligent design & nesting software
SpindleCoolItaly HSD air cooling
Power9 kW
Max. Rotate24000 rpm
Tool capacityDisc bus double servo tool change 12 + 12
Max. collet diameterφ16 mm
Max. air move speed50 m/min
Effective max. work speed18 m/min
Precission±0.02 mm
Repeat position precission±0.02 mm
TableVacuum chamber adsorption
Automatic positionAutomatic position function
Body structureThick square iron welded
Work voltage380V/3P/50Hz
Parts7.5 kW Becker vacuum pump



New generation control system: Data processing speed is fast and the operation is stable.
Simple and intuitive interface, easy to learn;
The automatic tool setting function allows the user to operate the device more conveniently and quickly, while ensuring the accuracy of the device.


The important electrical components in the control cabinet are all Siemens electrical equipment; the main circuit is equipped with a filter to eliminate interference and ensure the stability of the control system.


Air-cooled 9 kW tool change spindle, 24 servo tool magazines, step less speed change when automatic tool change, tool change is faster and more stable.


Yaskawa servo is equipped with Xinbao reducer, which has large torque and guarantees the processing speed and stability of the equipment.
The Z-axis uses a brake motor that protects the machine head from slipping off after a power failure.


PMI 30 square rail: large size, large contact surface, strong load carrying capacity, better guarantee of running stability in high speed machining.
All the large milling machines on the rail mounting surface are flattened, CNC punched, and the installation precision is high.


Positioning cylinder: three Y axes, X two, forming a right angle, all five positioning cylinders are adjusted by the dial gauge, to ensure the secondary positioning accuracy of the front and back processing.
The cylinder mounting base is flattened to ensure installation accuracy.


The new type of drag chain is divided into four compartments to separate the signal lines and power lines according to the specifications, so as to better prevent signal interference, and also eliminate the screwing work during the cable working process.
The cable is made of high-elastic shielding wire for a longer service life.


The vacuum adsorption tube adopts a hose + hard tube link to prevent the leakage of the link tube interface and ensure the vacuum adsorption effect.


Each machine must be inspected for accuracy in all aspects before leaving the factory. Each processing area of the entire table must be individually tested to ensure that there is no dead space in the machine.


Bed: welded with square steel, tempered, eliminate welding stress, and ensure no deformation after many years of use. The bed reinforcement is denser, which increases the strength of the bed and ensures that the bottom plate is not deformed.


The bed must be subjected to vibration aging and tempering, and the milling surface of the large CNC machining center.


The steel rails are welded on the mounting surface of the rails. When the rails are installed, the bolting depth is increased, the load carrying capacity is increased, and the rigidity of the equipment is ensured.