Brush Curve Sanding Machine NTQSG300/450

  • This machine is suitable for sanding and polishing the material surface, for example concave- convex and planar solid wood middle- high density Fiber board
  • Humanization design is geared to international standards; replace the emery cloth belt is very convenient
  • In order to meet the different techniques requirement, 4pcs sanding principal axis can frequency conversion speed independently
  • The first roller is 180# brush roller, the second is 240#, the third one is 320# and the Fourth is 3M roller for polishing, the grit of brush roller can be changed according to customer requirement
  • Each head can work separately and height of each head is adjustable separately

Working width300 mm450 mm
Working thickness2 - 100 mm2 - 100 mm
Feed speed2.5 - 12.5 m/min2.5 - 12.5 m/min
Number of polishing roller44
Belt speed3 - 15.6 m/s3 - 15.6 m/s
Speed of sucked airMore than 25 m/sMore than 25 m/s
Total motor power4.12 kW4.12 kW
Dust collector inlet diameterΦ150 x 3Φ150 x 3
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)2745 x 875 x 1430 mm2745 x 1130 x 1430 mm
Weight1000 kg1200 kg
NTQSG300 450-B2

NTQSG300 450-B3