Brush + / Relief Drawing Machine NTLZLS600

Color Coating Machines

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  • This machine is special designed for the flat products which need surface relief drawing result like archaize floor, furniture, table- board, handicraft etc and it's a new generation products processed by this machine, the flat surface is skid free, stereoscopic and beautiful
  • Conveyor belt, drawing rollers and polishing rollers all use independent controlled imported motors and the feeding use frequency conversion, which make the surface effect better and more precision controlled.
  • Drawing rollers, polishing rollers can be easily removed or remounted with precise positioning. The height is read by the meters, easy to operate
  • Brushes discs have oscillating device, which make the work pieces more clear Each unit of brush discs can be lifted independently
  • Different quantities vertical brush discs, drawing rollers and polishing rollers can be equipped at different types of machines based on different materials

Max. working width600 mm
Feeding speed5 - 30 m/min
Feeding power1.5 kW
Drawing roller power5.5 kW
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)2300 x 1700 x 1600 mm
Weight2600 kg