CNC Cutting Machine NT(YL)NN7084D

  • Use of SYNTEC control system and servo driving motor, fully automatic production from grooving, cutting, drilling
  • Heavy duty gantry frame; X-axis driven by double servo motors synchronizing for accurate movement
  • Taiwan precise linear lead rail
  • Schneider components
  • Vacuum worktable can do quick work pieces feed in and feed out
  • Lubricating center can automatically apply lubricant regularly to every moving mechanism; guarantee movement normally smoothly and precisely

Working area (X, Y, Z axis)1220 x 2440 x 180 mm
Machine bodyThe bed lathe is made of thick square weld steel
WorktableVacuum worktable
Main spindle motor6 kw + 6 kW air-cooling spindle
Driving motor1.3 kW x 3 Taiwan servo motor
Drilling unit9 vertical drilling tools
Vacuum pump motor5.5 kW water cooled
Vacuum pumping quantity230 m³/h
Main spindle rotary speed6000 - 18000 rpm
Max. speed1 m/min - 80 m/min
Max. cutting speed30 m/min
Control systemSYNTEC control system
Command codeG- Code
Guide wayTaiwan linear rail for X, Y, Z axis
TransmissionHelical gear rack for X Y axis
Working precision±0.05 mm
FeatureVacuum worktable can do quick work pieces feed in and feed out
Dimension (L x W x H)3200 x 2000 x 1800 mm



Two routing spindles & drilling unit



Cutting sample



● Change to Becker vacuum pump
● With automatic vacuum loading and feed out system