Combination Woodworking Machine NTML4520

Woodworking Combination Machine

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This combination machine is with 5 functions: saw, surface planer, thickness planer, vertical milling and mortising

Model NTML4520
Max. cutting length 2250 mm
Max. sawing thickness 80 mm
Main saw power 3 kW
Rotary speed of main saw spindle 3800 rpm
Diameter of main saw spindle Ø30 mm
Diameter of main saw Ø300 mm
Tilting saw blade 45° - 90°
Rotary speed of grooving saw 8000 rpm
Diameter of grooving saw spindle Ø20 mm
Diameter of grooving saw Ø100 mm
Spindle vertical stroke 200 mm
Max. working thickness 120 mm
Spindle diameter Ø35 mm
Milling power 3 kW
Main spindle speed 3500, 6000, 8000, 10000 rpm
Max planning width 400 mm
Max. planning quantity 5 mm
Main spindle speed 5200 rpm
Spindle diameter Ø87 mm
Planning power 3 kW
Planning thickness 6 - 210 mm
Feed speed 6 - 12 m/min
Max. Mortising depth 100 mm
Max. Mortising width 16 mm
Table lengthways stroke 105 mm
Table transverse stroke 160 mm
Blade shaft diameter Ø16 mm
Mortising working table size 470 x 230 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2739 x 3636 x 1330 mm
Weight 1100 kg