Four-Axis Processing Center NTYL2084-4A

  • Furniture: solid wood sofa, wooden door, cabinet, plate, office, desk and chair doors and Windows
  • Molds: automobile foam molds, aviation molds, propellers, ship wood molds, etc.
  • Plate processing: insulation parts, plastic chemical parts
  • Wood industry: can process all kinds of wood three-dimensional surface, shape cutting

  • Electrical components are the international top products, the servo drive system imported from Japan, Italy imported spindle
  • Auto tool exchanger, can install 8 tools, it only takes 8 seconds to change the knife
  • 12 kW high-power imported spindle, which can be equipped with 200 mm tool handle and the processing height is 330 mm. It integrates vertical shaft milling, vertical plane milling, router milling, hole drilling and CNC circular saw
  • The pluralistic control can control machining and empty travel speed respectively, which greatly improves machining quality and efficiency

Working size2400 x 1220 x 330 mm
C axis stroke±181°
Machining precision±0.02 mm
Spindle power12 kW
Spindle speed1000 - 24000 rpm
Drive motorJapan Yaskawa
Control systemSYNTEC
Motor commandsG; F/S; G code; F/S command compatibility
Horizontal-axleCTB 5.5 kW
Vacuum pump5.5 kW Becker
Balanced systemNitrogen balance
Table size1300 x 2400 mm
Machine size (L x W x H)2500 x 3800 x 2800 mm