Four- Side Planer NTHJD- M621A

Automatic Planers + Through Feed Moulder

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  • Step less feeding is adopted, and the feeding speed is 5-24m/minute
  • Each spindle is driven by an independent motor, and the cutting force is quite strong
  • All spindles are adjustable in the front, and it is convenient to operate
  • Hard chrome plated worktable is durable
  • Multi- group drive rollers improve feeding efficiency
  • Internationally famous electric elements ensure high stability
  • A fully closed safety protective shield helps to avoid wood dust flying and isolate noise, and has a safety protection effect
  • Pneumatic compressed feeding wheels are adopted, the pressing force can be adjusted in segments, so that wood of different thicknesses can be smoothly fed
  • A short material assistant device is optional, so that the short materials can be smoothly feed in

Machine parameterWorking width25 - 210 mm
Working thickness8 - 120 mm
Work table size1800 mm
Feeding speed6 - 35 m/min
Main spindle diameterΦ40 mm
Rotary speed of main spindle6000 rpm
Air pressure0.6 MPa
Motor power1st Lower spindle5.5 kW
1st Upper spindle7.5 kW
Right vertical spindle5.5 kW
Left vertical spindle5.5 kW
2nd Lower spindle5.5 kW
2nd Upper spindle5.5 kW
Beam lifting motor0.75 kW
General Power39.75 kW
Feeding motor4 kW
Cutter diameter1st Lower spindleΦ125 mm
1st Upper spindleΦ125 - 180 mm
Right vertical spindleΦ125 - 180 mm
Left vertical spindleΦ125 - 180 mm
2nd Lower spindleΦ125 - 180 mm
2nd Upper spindleΦ125 - 180 mm
OthersFeeding roller diameterΦ140 mm
Dust pipe diameterΦ140 mm
Dimension (L x W x H)4560 x 1725 x 1735 mm
Weight3240 kg