Horizontal Band Saw NTMJ3708

This machine is for cutting wood block or log into single panels

Digital thickness display for quick and accurate saw blade position

Model NTMJ3708
Saw wheel diameter 800 mm
Wheel face width 90 mm
Saw wheel speed 700 rpm
Saw blade size 100 x 1.05 x 6300 mm
Saw wood max. diameter and thickness 800 mm / 25.4 mm
Saw wood length 2500 mm (customized as needed)
Power of saw cutting motor 30 kW
Elevating motor power 2.2 kW class 6 motor
Traveling motor 1.5 kW x 4 motor
Machine body size (L x W x H) 3000 x 1800 x 2500 mm
Track length 5500 x 1500 x 350 mm
Machine weight About 2800kg

Veneer slicer knife