Horizontal Drilling Machine NTMZB7323/ 7343

Manual Drilling Machine

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  • Suitable for all kinds of density boards, particleboard, based panels, PVC panels, organic glass plates and solid wood boards such as the drill
  • Full- body cast iron structure of the base, vertical tank, horizontal seat, left and right panels, motors and other key parts of the base is also used in all cast iron
  • The guide rail and the slider of high precision TBI Taiwan, Taiwan Pudeng drill row, Omron switch, South Korea LS brand PLC microcomputer controller with 7 inch 60000 color TFT color touch screen control system, South Korea KACON foot switch, the original AIRTAC electromagnetic valve, make the equipped more stable, more simple operation
  • All models can be equipped with electronic digital devices from Italy


(2 heads)


(4 heads)

Max. drill dia15 mm15 mm
Max. working depth115 mm115 mm
Max. boring dimension1800 mm2500 mm
Adjustable range of drilling20 - 112 mm20 - 112 mm
Number of spindles3 spindle x 2 heads3 spindle x 4 heads
Spindle speed2840 rpm2840 rpm
Total motor power1.5 kW × 21.5 kW × 4
Dimension (L x W x H)1900 x 1000 x 1200 mm2700 x 1000 x 1200 mm
Total weight650 kg800 kg