Laser Side Hole Machine NTYL6012

CNC Drilling Machine

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  • NC side row drilling is an economical and practical horizontal drilling equipment for panel furniture
  • Coordinate with NC cutting machine, the economical plate furniture production line is formed, which perfectly replaces the traditional push table saw and row drilling
  • Scan the code to complete the production, do not need a special drill, greatly saving labor costs
  • The machine control interface design is humanized, easy to operate and learn, the operator can be trained simply, no need skilled workers, the equipment action speed is fast, high efficiency, to achieve the leap of productivity
  • Adopt high power air- cooled spindle, servo drive system, servo motor and other imported parts
  • The table surface is divided into three zones, which can be operated by single control and operation

Model NTYL6012
Working table 2800 x 500 mm
Spindle power 3.5 kW - 380V/3P/50Hz
Guide rail Taiwan square rail
Drive motor Servo motor
Control system Customized control system
Laser infrared OMRON