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Production line equipment and advantages

Equipment list

Equipment Quantity
NTS6 Automatic Furniture Line 1 set
NTSD368D Edge Bending Machine 1 set
NTSD-VI-12 Six Side Drilling Machine 1 set
NT Roller Line Optional
NT Central Dust Vacuum 1 set

Furniture Line NTS6

Model NTS6
Working Area


X Axis 1220 mm
Y Axis 2440 mm
Z Axis 200 mm
XYZ Positional Accuracy


XYZ Repeat Accuracy


±0.03 mm
Lathe Structure


Cast Steel with heat treatment and CNC Drilling
Transmission XY Axis 30 mm Taiwan PMI Square Guide Rail

Germany Herion Helical Gear Rack

Z Axis 30 mm Taiwan PMI Square Guide Rail

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw

Table Surface Vacuum Suction Table

7.5 kW Vacuum Pump

Gantry Structure Welded
Max. Speed ≥80 m/min
Max. Working Speed ≥25 m/min
Spindle Brand Italy HSD
Power Max 9.6 kW Air Cooling
Speed 0- 24000 rpm
Tool Change Capacity 12pcs
Tool Capacity Model Disc
Drilling Head Brand Italy HSD
Amount 9 pcs Vertical Drill
Inverter DELTA Inverter
Wire Germany IGUS
Drive and Motor Driver 1 kW JAPAN YASKAWA Servo Driver
Motor 0.85 kW JAPAN YASKAWA Servo Motor


Reducer Japan Shimpo Reducer
Operating System Taiwan Syntec 6MB Control System
Electrical accessories Schneider Electrical equipment Breaker, Siemens Electric Parts
Working Voltage 380V/3P/50Hz

Edge Bending Machine NTSD368D

Model NTSD368D
Edge material thickness 0.4 - 3 mm
Work piece thickness 9 - 60 mm
Min. Width of Product 150 mm
Min. Length of Product 150 mm
Glue Heater Unit 3 kW
Conveyor belt 3.7kW
Rubber Roller Power 1.5kW
Gluing 0.37 kW(1:10 Reducer)
End Trimming 0.37 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Rough Trimming 0.75 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Fine Trimming 0.75 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Corner Trimming 0.37 kW x 2, 12000 rpm
Scraping 0.37 kW (1:60 Reducer)
Buffing 0.37 kW x 2, 2840 rpm
Feeding speed 20 m/min
Working pressure 0.7 MPa
Total power 12.6 kW
Outline size 5760 x 1560 x 900 mm
Net Weight 2000 kg

Six Side Drilling Machine NTSD-VI-12

Model NTSD-VI-12
Max. Sheet Size (Width/mm) 1200
Min. Sheet Width 50 mm
Min. Sheet Length 200 mm
Fastest Processing Speed X/130; Y/70; Z/30 m/min
Motion Axis Quantity 7
Quantity of machining sides 6
Control System and CAM HICAM
Quantity of drilling Top 1, Bottom 1
Quantity of top horizontal drills Left + Right 2; Front + Back 2
Drive System Japan Yaskawa, Absolute Value
Quantity of Top vertical drills 12
Quantity of bottom vertical drills 6
Quantity of top spindle 1
Quantity of bottom spindle 1
Total Power 15 kW
Machine Size (L x W x H) 5200 x 2500 x 1800 mm

Roller Line


Central Dust Vacuum System