Lengthways Veneer Sewing/Splicing/Stitching Machine NTMH1114

Lengthways Veneer Splicing Machine

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  • The heating pipe of sewing machine is made of imported heating wire. It is durable and melting glue thread is good
  • The machine body is made of thick steel plate, which is strong stability. The worktable adopts 3 mm thickness stainless steel plate
  • Using frequency conversion to control splicing speed 10 - 50 m/min

Splicing width1350 mm
Splicing thickness0.3 - 3 mm
Splicing speed10 - 50 m/min
Working table height900 mm
motor power0.75 kW
heater power0.4 kW
Dimension (L x W x H)2450 x 650 x 1300 mm
Weight480 kg