Longitudinal Veneer Slicer

Longitudinal Veneer Slicer

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The lengthways veneer slicer is a special machine that can slice precious woods into texture beautiful and large format adornment veneers. Veneers can be used as shutters, decoration engineering, and architecture wood or as panel-type furniture, decoration materials of floor surface. Compared with the frame saw and horizontal band saw, the lengthways veneer slicer can save wood by 30%-50%. With the extensive application of various artificial panels and the booming of panel-type furniture industry, veneers sliced from precious wood have become the main wood processing products in today's market. Hence the application of veneer slicer, which is used to process veneer, has become more and more widespread.

  • Machine body
    • Made of cast iron, ensuring work stability
    • Chromed columns, preventing wearing off
    • Well ground guide way
  • Performance
    • Veneer output can be indicated by a counter
    • Automatic feeding speed can be adjusted by PLC
    • Veneer thickness can be from 0.8mm to 6mm according to wood harness
    • Veneer thickness error falls in ±0.05mm
  • Performance
    • Siemens motor saves power, long life time
    • Schneider electric components
    • Japan-made OMRON sensor to keep reliable performance
    • AUTONICS encoder imported from South-Korea
    • Siemens MAN-machine interface, convenient operation control

Model NTMZQ250T
Max cutting width 250 mm
Max cutting thickness 250 mm
Slicing thickness 0.8- 6 mm
Feeding speed 58 m/min
Total power 19.6 kW
Overall dimension 3360 x 1630 x 2000 mm
N.W. 8500 kg

Wood block cycle feeding table