Mesh Dryer NTBG1826

Roller Dryer/Mesh Dryer

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  • The machine is used for drying sliced or peeled veneer in the veneer production line
  • The machine consists of inlet, drying area, cooling area, outlet. Dryer size is customized according to the production capacity, process and space, in order to improve productivity with lowest investment

Model NTBG1826
Width of feed inlet 2650 mm
Thickness of panel/veneer 0.2 - 4 mm
Working layers 1
Power of heating motor 5.5 kW x 5 sets
Power of cooling motor 4 kW
Power of driving motor 4 kW
Mesh material Stainless mesh belt
Drying temperature 90 - 130°C
Initial moisture 50%
Final moisture 8%
Heating medium Steam or Thermal oil
Daily out put 7 - 12 m³/24hours
Size of body (L x W x H) 12 x 3.65 x 1.75m
Weight 13 T