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Paper & PVC Cutting Machine NTFQ1400D

  • It has particular pneumatic core shaft design and accurate cutting size. It can combine any knives (at most 15 knives) freely. The whole roll of PVC or decorative paper can be cut into any requested size
  • Advanced speed regulation system can adjust the cutting speed freely and improve the quality of product

Processing width25 - 1350 mm
Max. PVC cutting thickness0.25 mm
SpeedStep less speed regulation
Total power1.1 kW
Max. diameter of roller for PVCΦ600 mm
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)1900 x 900 x 1150 mm
Weight450 kg

Paper & PVC Cutting Machine NTFQ1450G

  • The upper and lower cutter heads of the machine can make the cutting easy. It adopts air shaft with aluminum strip to fix the roller of PVC
  • The expansion coefficient of the whole shaft is consistent, so it can improve the quality of the products
  • Preload 20 knives which can be combined freely and finish the cutting of the whole roller for one time and improve the working efficiency
  • The machine is equipped with step less speed regulator which can adjust the cutting speed according to the cutting film
  • Stable knife frame structure can make the cutter heads not displace during the cutting to get the precise cutting size and smooth edge without burr
  • Anti- static rod can remove the static electricity produced during working and make sure of the safety of workers
  • Electromagnetic tension system can adjust the tension according to the size and thickness of film and make sure of cutting quality
  • The frame with sideways for supporting film is suitable for cutting PVC, decorative paper and aluminum foil

Min. cutting size25 mm
Max. cutting size1450 mm
Max. PVC cutting thickness0.5 mm
Max. diameter of roller for PVCΦ600 mm
Pneumatic core shaft diameterΦ76 mm
SpeedStep less speed adjustment
Total power2.2 kW
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)2300 x 1350 x 1550 mm
Weight850 kg