Six Side CNC Boring Machine NTYL8-1250

CNC Drilling Machine

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Mainly used for various types of artificial boards, solid wood boards, semi-solid wood boards drilling processing applications, is a CNC processing equipment, easy to operate, drilling processing speed is fast, suitable for all kinds of modular cabinet boards and other board furniture

  • Six side drilling hole, two side slide ways, scan code operation, fast and efficient, double clamping claw, the plate does not slide
  • Automatic movable positioning according to the size of the plate, high-speed and efficient
  • Variety of data formats, BAN/DXF/XML/MPR/BD and so on, market popular software can be docking
  • Six side drilling (import) dedicated row drilling, adding a variety of pressure plate pressure wheel, to ensure the drilling accuracy
  • Imported upper and lower drilling group, precise and efficient drilling
  • The table can be moved, the whole air floating table to prevent scratches

Working length200 - 2500 mm
Working width40 - 1200 mm
Working thickness10 - 50 mm
Max. moving speed of the claw130 mm/min
Max. moving speed of Y-axis85 mm/min
Max. moving speed of Z-axis35 mm/min
Number of top vertical toolsVertical top 12 + horizontal 4 groups(8 pieces)
Number of vertical toolsVertical 9
Drill clamp specificationsΦ10 mm
Specification of high-speed spindle clampΦ12.7 mm
Total power16.7 kW
Working air pressure0.6 MPa
Upper high-speed spindle2.2 kW
Down high-speed spindle2.2 kW
Dimension (L x W x H)4750 x 2750 x 1900 mm