Six-Sided Drilling Center NTSD-6

CNC Drilling Machine

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  • Six-sided punching, double- sided chute, scan code operation, fast and efficient; double jaws, the plate does not slide
  • Automatic mobile positioning according to the size of the plate; Yaskawa bus absolute value, stable high speed and high efficiency
  • A variety of data formats, BAN, DXF, XML, MPR, BD, etc., mainstream software can be docked
  • Six- sided drilling (import) special drilling, adding a variety of pressure plate pressure roller to ensure the precision of drilling

Max. sheet size (Width)1200 mm
Min. sheet width50 mm
Min. sheet length200 mm
The fastest processing speedX/U130; Y/V70; Z/W30 m/min
Motion axes quantity7
Quantity of machining side6
CAM control system and CAMHICAM
Quantity of drillingTop1, Down1
Quantity of top horizontal drillsLeft and right x 2, front and back x 2(Taiwan purden)
Drive systemJapan Yaskawa absolute value
Quantity of top vertical drills12
Quantity of bottom vertical drills6
Quantity of top spindle1
Quantity of bottom spindle1
Total power consumption15 kW - 380V/3P/50Hz
Machine size (L × W × H)5200 x 2500 x 1800 mm

Speed carving special control system, system and CAM software, a research and development, custom system interface, easy to learn and use.
A variety of data formats docking, BAN, DXF, XML, MPR, BD, etc., mainstream software can be docked.


The important electrical components in the control cabinet are all Siemens electrical equipment; the main circuit is equipped with a filter to eliminate interference and ensure the stability of the control system.


The six-sided punching series is specially drilled, and a variety of press plate pressure rollers are added to ensure the accuracy of the punching chute.


Japan Yaskawa bus absolute value servo with Xinbao reducer, large torque, to ensure the processing speed and stability of the equipment.
The Z-axis uses a brake motor that protects the machine head from slipping when the power is turned off.


Yintai 30 square rail: large size, large contact surface and strong load carrying capacity. All the large milling machines on the rail mounting surface are flattened, CNC punched, and the installation precision is high.
Z-axis, W-axis Taiwan TBI screw, long distance without deformation, to ensure fine transmission.


The new type of drag chain is divided into four compartments to separate the signal lines and power lines according to the specifications, which better protects the signal interference, and also eliminates the screwing work during the cable working process.
The cable is made of high-elastic shielding wire for a longer service life.


Bed: welded with square steel, tempered, eliminate welding stress, and ensure no deformation after many years of use. The bed reinforcement is denser, which increases the strength of the bed and ensures that the bottom plate is not deformed.


The bed must be subjected to vibration aging and tempering, and the milling surface of the large CNC machining center.


The rail mounting surface is welded with steel strips. When the rails are installed, the bolts are allowed to be deepened, the load carrying capacity is increased, and the rigidity of the equipment is ensured.