Vertical Panel and Grooving Saw NTSK-971

Vertical Panel Saw

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Apply to processing all kinds of density boards, shaving boards, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels, MDF board and solid wood panel, organic glass plates as well as aluminum, composite and others with wood structure and similar hardness


The machine adopts special hard alloy framing materials and tools, featuring superb high-speed balance performance, high processing precision and durability, saving time and energy. It is capable of grooving and cutting, capable of horizontal and vertical cutting, and with safe positioning. The overall machine is of superior rigidity, with stable cutting, without vibration traces.

The style of the traditional panel saw has been changed by the unique design of vertical cutting saw, which the working place is reduced only to 1/6. Due to the design of pneumatic control for pressure bar and cutting saw, the pressure bar presses the panel then the saw blade works along the vertical frame both right and left sides, the saw blade then will moves back automatically. The precision of vertical saw is higher and easy to work with, and operation will be safety. the sliding wheel design is used for the brand new vertical the sliding wheel design is used for the brand new vertical cutting saw in order to have a mode of easy operation.

The saw and grooving blades you will get is as follow: 1 x 250 mm diameter Saw blade, 1 x 135º grooving blade and 1x90º grooving blade.

ModelNTSK- 971
Sawing capacity4100 x 1600 mm
Blade dimension for groovingΦ250 x 15 mm
Saw blade diameterΦ250 x 3 mm
Cutting depth70 - 80 mm
Spindle speed of main motor2840 rpm
Main spindle diameterΦ30 mm
Diagonal deflection≤ 2000 mm, deflection ≤ 1.5 mm

> 2000 mm, deflection ≤ 2.5 mm

Grooving depth0 - 8 mm
Main saw engine power3 kW
Total weight1800 kg
Machine body packaging dimensions (L x W x H)5370 x 970 x 2370 mm
Control box packaging dimensions (L x W x H)2550 x 1100 x 1000 mm
NTSK- 971-B2

Ø250 mm Saw blade

NTSK- 971-B3

135º grooving blade / 90º grooving blade

NTSK- 971-B4