Precise Two head wide belt Sander

  • The machine adopts welded steel, after quenching, good stability. Imported conveyor belt, good reliability, durability
  • The series uses the beam barrel and the beam seat structure, good stability, convenient maintenance
  • Belt tensioning cylinder adopts cast iron processing, tensile strength is great, good stability
  • Conveyor belt adjusting cylinder adopts 63×20 Cylinder, large power, good stability.
  • Active roll stigmas are bold, and after quenching, ensure the stability and durability of the driving roller.
  • Thickness displaying table using photoelectric sensing head, high precision, good stability under complex environment.

  • It is suitable for fine- and finish sanding solid wood, plywood, particle board, MDF board

  • R-RP: The first unit is 60 shore rubber Roller for calibration; the second unit is 85 shore rubber Roller with sanding pad for polishing.

  • Schneider Electrical components
  • Air Cylinder control for pressure roller
  • Photoelectric control equipment which control vibrating of abrasive belt along center line

  • Brush roller cleaning the panel after sanding
  • Oil/air filters supply purity air continually
  • Japanese NSK internal bearing reduce vibration of belt
  • Sanding belt automatic centering
  • Touch screen operate the machine easily

  • The pressure roller and pressure shoes protect device to keep the board on the feeding table, which keep the operators safe

Working width40-1300 mm
Working thickness3-120 mm
Working length>450 mm
Speed of abrasive belt on 1st unit20 m/s
Speed of abrasive belt on 2nd unit18 m/s
Feed speed4- 45 m/min
Size of abrasive belt

1330x2200 mm

Diameter of 1ST sanding rollerΦ300 mm
Diameter of 2ND sanding rollerΦ240 mm
Power of abrasive belt on 1st unit30kw 60 shore rubber
Power of abrasive belt on 2nd unit22kw 85 shore rubber
Conveyer motor power4 kw
Lifting motor power0.75 kw
Brush motor power0.37 kw
Air blower power0.04 kw*2
Air pressure0.55 Mpa
Compressed air consumption0.2 m³/min
Volume of dust collector>18000 m³/h
Voltage380V 50 Hz, 3Phase
Overall dimension

2400x2500x2300 mm

Weight5200 Kg

Oil/air filters supply purity air continually


Oscillating blower unit clears sanding belt at any time to prolong working life of belt


Touch screen operates the machine very easily


Thickness setting device adjust the height of table automatically according to thickness of work piece


Schneider Electrical switch contactor is steady and durable in working


Japanese NSK internal bearing reduce vibration of belt and improves sanding precision