Heißpresse NTBY214

Designed for hot pressing, stickers veneer, veneer furniture panels, door panels, HDF, chipboard etc. They are used in industries working with board materials, furniture production of any capacity

  • Reamed steel plate with high quality
  • Equipped with the high and low pressure gauge controller
  • Temperature control is carried out pressing thermostat
  • The press is equipped with an automatic timer on the outdoor table
  • Hydroelectric include and easy to install and operate
  • Boiler heating plates based on heating conduction oil

Model NTBY214x8/20(5)NTBY214x8/20(3)
Pressure200 T200 T
Dimension of hot platens2500 x 1300 x 42 mm2500 x 1300 x 42 mm
Service opening80 mm80 mm
Number of cylinders88
Diameter of cylinders115 mm115 mm
Power5.5 kW5.5 kW
Heating power50 kW32 kW
Overall size (L x W x H)3750 x 1450 x 2500 mm3750 x 1450 x 2450 mm
Net weight12 T10 T
  • This quotation includes Thermal Oil Furnace
  • If press veneer surface panel, should add stainless steel board on press plate, 5 layers hot press totally needs 10 pieces

The surface of the reamed steel plates which minimizes the problem of pollution and excess adhesive plates protecting the plate from corrosion


Ten cylinders provide a high quality gluing, which is especially important for the laminated surface


Oil boiler, supplied the press provides rapid heating of the coolant, which ensures equal heating plates


Powerful high- performance hydraulic unit consistently delivers even pressure in any circuit hydraulic system